Shipston Link is the local community bus operator for Shipston-on-Stour and surrounding villages, operating regular timetabled journeys Tuesday to Saturday. We take fares, and accept Travel Passes, on each of our regular stage Services.

Shipston Link has been serving the local communities for over a quarter of a century, following Shipston Town Council’s having called a Meeting of all local Parishes to discuss self-help schemes for rural transportation. To ensure that Shipston remained a focal point for the outlying areas (with its Medical Centre, Post Office, Council Office, Hospital and Shopping Centre), the residents of the local villages would need to get into Shipston on a regular basis.

With initial financial support from Warwickshire County Council, Services on scheduled Routes began on 7th January 1986. Later additions first included weekly Services to Chipping Norton and in 1999 to Banbury, from Little Compton and Long Compton.

In 2011, Council cut-backs resulted in several local Bus Services by larger commercial Operators being cancelled, but Shipston Link, at the invitation of the county Council, was happy to add additional services to Villages which had now become bus-less

In our first 25 years, our 7 buses in total had travelled 391,994 miles and carried 224,360 passengers. Some 70 volunteer drivers had contributed to keeping our Services running.

Shipston Link continues to rely on the support and patronage of our Customers. Although volunteer run, and operated as a Limited liability Friendly Society, we are regulated to the same extent as regular Commercial operators. Please ride our Services, use them or lose them !